New year resolutions….

Here again…..the end of the old and the beginning of new .

Still remember that old golden days and weird resolutions for every new year.

To smoke …..less

To drink….less


This year,let’s make it more realistic.

After so many years, what I learned and will now preach……be marry and let the world be f*****.

Enjoy your stay as long as you’re here.

Stay out late night.

Make lots of friends.

Work hard. Earn a lot and spend a lot also.

What happens after death, nobody knows.

You only get one life to live, live it king size .

See you soon…let new year’s hangover be over .

God bless all.

My first experience….

“ srrrrrrrrr…rrrrrrrrrrrr”

“Hold it tight” shout my chief surgeon. “ You will drop it”.

After few more minutes, I was instructed to put this into adjoining other table. I was stunned, immobile.

“ Hurry up, young chap. We have to finish it soon” said the expert chief surgeon.

As I put lifeless full right lower limb in this above knee amputation patient, a young man of 39 year old, shivering ran down my spine.

This was result of approximately 25 minutes of surgery, my first I have fully assisted with chief surgeon. I and another experienced nurse were the two peoples assisting the chief surgeon in the operation theatre that Sunday afternoon. After cutting through the skin, muscle, soft tissue and securing proper hemostasis, the cutter was needed to cut the major leg bone- femur. The noise of srrrrrr….rrrrrrrr was coming from it, reverberating the whole operation theatre.

The chief surgeon has a glance at me and stated closing the wound. I joined them and we finished it without talking much.

The next day as we were taking round of the ward, I was still shaking from my first experience. The patient was moaning in the pain. His wife and two kids was standing beside him. He was having a sensation of phantom limb and was behaving like having normal limb. The chief surgeon console him and we move forward.

This was my first experience with a chief surgeon in any major surgery.

It was lazy Sunday afternoon. The rush was not that much today and we were cruising smoothly. I was very excited as today I was going to assist our chief surgeon independently. The surgery was planned for today and I was chosen as most of staff will be on holiday being sunday and this surgery does not need much expertises assistant.

When I was in internship in my medical  college, I like everyone was very much excited to explore all the new found freedom and responsibility of medical profession. It feels adventurous at times and frustrating at times at the limits of human capabilities. Sometimes you save somebody life but at many times you loss the battle……it keep on going in medical profession everywhere everyday in this world.

Coming to that patient, he was a chronic smoker and has developed complications from continuous, excessive smoking and other diseases to lead to gangrene of his limb with no other alternative but to cut or amputate the limb. A whole life destroyed due to some bad habit. Today there are many ways to compensate for lost of the limb but in those years it was very difficult to think of life without leg. His whole life turned upside down. Education of kids, running of house, old parents…. many dreams shattered

Life is such a wonderful opportunity almighty GOD has given to us. We should love it and enjoy its journey. There are many ups and downs but we should learn from each experiences and move forward with each lessons learned.

God bless all.