Diet and weight loss….Myth vs Reality….

Diet and weight loss….the ‘D’ word of this generation.

Im my more than 20 years of medical experience, I have tried and prescribed multiple ways to help people of very walk of life to loss weight. Very few with success but a lot in disappointments….

First , what’s ideal weight?

There are many theoretical values and arguments for the same. But ideally speaking, for me , ideal weight  for a person is “what he feel comfortable at”. It can be few pounds up or down. But main thing is comfort level of the individual.

After all these hits and trials, the golden rule which I can extract is that follow your genes with local environmental conditions.

In summary, you were built by almighty to a certain environment according to your genes with somewhat external environment influences.

So enjoy your time on this planet, eat what suits your great grand parents if you live in same locality. Most of our elders lives happy and long life without much of these new generation diseases.

If you have moved to certain areas, try to eat only locally grown vegetables and other foods.

Next make input and output calculations. If you have taken lots of calories then you have to burn them also. That means do some physical exercises and physical work.

Aerobics is must have.  Simple skipping or swimming etc.

Another must have is meditation. Find a peaceful place and spend some time with the most precious person in your life ….that is you only.

Enjoy the local delicacies and don’t worry…be happy.

And remember if you are happy and comfortable, the world can wait.