Nature revenge….the karma returns

Nature…..the mother

Nature…..our root

Nature….give all to us

But when we play with rules of nature, disasters are bound to happen.

The deadly corona virus has spread almost throughout the world.

It started from the “ China”

Where every moving things are eaten if they are not useful in other ways.

Price for this we all have to pay.

But China, I believe will be most affected and will never recover from it.

It’s paying for its past karma…..karma of destroying peaceful and ancient Tibet.

Tibet has always followed Buddhism..on ahimsa, nonviolence.

It had no invading armies of its own and never owned destructive weapons.

It only spread peace and prosperity to all.

But China destroyed it.

So Karma will come back for China.

Karma never leaves anybody….you reap, what you sow..

Have peace