God is where !!!!

What is God ?

Where it can be found ?

Who am I ?

Is there any sign and signals of the presence of God ?

Many times we are struck with these kinds of questions, mainly when we are under stress and under severe difficulties. Then our faint and belief in God is under severe scrutiny. When everything is fine and running smoothly, nobody bothers to ask theses questions.

Let me share with you a true incident of my life. I am a spiritual and God fearing person. I always believe that there is some power who is running this whole show on earth or say in universe, by whatever name you can call it….some call it God.

When I was under tremendous financial distress, I questions everything , my faith on God, my faith on family, my faith on friends and even faith on God. I was under severe stress, both financially and mentally.

Then I came in contact with a Spiritual being who changed everything for me. Because of him my faith on God, whatever name you call him get re-established. My all problems resolved, slowly but surely. He has words to say always….”everything will be fine. Have faith on Him.”

We try to do certain things by ourselves as we didn’t have full faith on his words. But at last we leave everything to Him and all was perfect in the last.

So God is your faith. God is your belief. God is your trust.

Have faith on Him and leave everything for Him. When we slept at night, we never doubt that we will not wake up in the morning. This is faith and God wishes this kind of selfless faith from us.

God bless all. Be happy….always