Welcome wonderful beautiful winter….

Now here comes winter… the season of laziness and shivering. With snow covering many parts of the country, the natural beauty is to be cherish about. Every corner covered in white blanket of snow, frozen tall trees all looks beautiful and ghostly.

Here I remember a beautiful experience with one of my colleague who first time witnessed the snow fall.

When I was posted in northern parts of my country as a medic, I have a colleague who was very excited to be appointed at this place as he has seen snow fall only in pictures and movies. This area being considered a hard area according to service rules  and also due to geographical location. I being accustomed to these kinds of weather and geography, easily adjusted to the working environment.

Our colleague was eagerly waiting for his first snow fall experience.

The ‘d’ day finally arrived . The clouds started playing with winds and chill filled with air. As this started from the morning and by afternoon, the sky was dark with clouds. And then suddenly the sky burst with beautiful snowflakes making their ways to the earth joyfully like lover’s going to mate. 

Our colleague happiness now no boundaries. He was filled with ecstasy and started jumping with joy. The scene of fresh snowfall is really mind blowing. We all enjoyed till we get exhausted. But our friend was too happy to take rest. He kept the enjoyment going till midnight.

As with this part of the country, the snowfall continued for three to four days without break. There was 8-10 feet snowfall everywhere. Only white snowy desert is seen every where. Our friend excitement now turns to depression. He started having nightmares and was shouting at every one.

He has to be airlifted from there and given treatment.

Enjoy this beautiful winter season and god bless all.

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