Death….the ultimate journey

Death….the ultimate truth, nobody can escape from.

Culmination of our journey….both good & bad.

                    The first time i witness  death in front of me, i still remember with full details.

When i was in final year of my medical college, during one of our clinical classes. I was checking some of files of the patient and preparing for our routine classes.

There was this young newly married man who was admitted for some minor problems. He was accompanied by his young wife and mother. He has just finished his meal and was cheerfully taking to his wife.Everything seems quite normal, normal works as usual.

Suddenly the young lady went running towards nurses duty room and there was screaming from the patient bed. The young man has collapsed suddenly and his mother was screaming loudly. The attending doctor and paramedical staff runs for the patient. Curtains was put around, CPR started.

There was pin drop silence in the ward….only screaming of the young lady and old mother.

Nothing could be done. The man was pronounced dead.

The dreams of newly-wed young lady and old mothers all shattered. A young life just ended; for which no humans can do anything.

You may say that how its possible that one time the person is talking and another second he is dead. That’s life dear. We are just like a drop of water which is there in a second and which is evaporated in next second.

The face of that young man, his wife and old mother i still remember vividly. And i also remember the helplessness of medical fraternity to do anything.

That’s while , life is unpredictable. Enjoy every moment you get. Have faith in almighty and love all.

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